Henryk Waniek

Henryk Waniek is an art critic, essayist and prose writer, he was born on 4 March 1942 in Oświęcim (Auschwitz).

The art critic, essayist and prose writer Henryk Waniek is principally known as an artist. Waniek composes his symmetrical and concentric pictures from the traditional symbols of magic: windows, chalices, ladders, devils, rainbows, shooting stars. These pictures link geographical realities and spheres of human interest like a map; his essays are also maps of spiritual space which are clothed in words.

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He has various strings to his creative bow: painting, graphics, books, poster painting, stage design. His work has been shown at over 50 exhibitions, alone or with work by other artists, and he has been awarded many Polish and international prizes. He has traveled to both Italy and the USA on scholarships. Waniek's 'sideline', his writing, includes philosophical fairy tales, essays, journalistic work and art criticism. He has also written two novels: "Dziady berlińskie / All Hallows' Eve in Berlin" (1986) and "Dziady paryskie / All Hallows' Eve in Paris", completed in 1998 but as yet unpublished.

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selected paintings
Henryk Waniek - Na niebie
Na Niebie
Henryk Waniek - Na ziemi
Na Ziemi
Henryk Waniek - Sedymenty
Henryk Waniek - Podwójność
Henryk Waniek - Przerwa
Henryk Waniek - Miejsce feniksa
Miejsce feniksa
Henryk Waniek - Góra w górze, ogień w dole
Góra w górze, ogień w dole
Henryk Waniek - Smutny w pozycji poziomej
Smutny w pozycji poziomej
Henryk Waniek - Cztery Strony Świata
Cztery Strony Świata
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