Polish metaphorical painting from symbolism and surrealism borderlands.

In the history of Polish painting a unique place occupy the artists from the metaphorical, symbolism and surrealism borderlands circle, in which the work draws attention to appealing to the world of imagination, fantasy, a world existing beyond time and space. Works presented here, and the profiles of artists from different generations, to which was close the art with a distinct surreal and metaphorical atmosphere. Of course, this review does not give a complete picture of the issues of surreal and metaphorical painting, but through the presence of important figures and works of the Polish art it signals the presence and persistence of surrealism as an important artistic and intellectual movement, not only in world output. On this occasion, one should remember that, the history of European surrealism and it's catching on the Polish ground is still quite a difficult subject. Many of these issues have not been clearly resolved. However, it is known that in Poland, this movement never occurred in such a scale as in Western Europe, neither in theory nor in practice. However, what's important from the perspective of the whole presentation, is drawing viewers attention on a very important factor, the imagination, which close to each of the presented artists. However, what is important from the standpoint of the whole presentation, the viewer's attention on a very important factor which is the imagination, close to each of the presented artists. In presented works the imagination alternates with realism, things that are visible with invisible ones. All exhibited works are undeniably the Works of Imagination, fleeing from rational cognition. Presented artists create their art based on a metaphysical, metaphorical element. Thanks to their individual propensity to cross the limits of every day life and reaching the transcendentalism realm - an area outside our cognitive abilities and experience, they reveal what is hardly available for senses. They mostly tell about a man, about his existential and metaphysical drama. They reveal inner experiences, relate about tormenting dreams, beasts and demons, "affect what is untouchable". They tell about solitary meditation on the perennial and indestructible phenomenons (Zdzisław Beksinski, Jan Lebenstein). Presented works are also a kind of pretexts for showing the elements of reality in an unreal nature. Artists compiling figures and objects out of context in a single painting, achieve the effect of disturbing irreality of presented situations, additionally saturated with eroticism and sensuality (Kazimierz Mikulski, Francis Starowieyski). Among the gathered works, much of them are examples of metaphorical painting with symbolic meaning, full of allusions and an play of associations, which naturally brings the viewer towards the inner world of the artist's imagination, and sometimes even inside his nostalgic memories. The works presented here are also full of dreamlike atmosphere from the sleep borderlands, in which the viewer explores a different, fairytale, magical world that exists beyond the time and space. In this world the artist forms fairytale, magical characters and objects (Jacek Yerka, Rafał Olbinski, Thomas Sętowski, Wojciech Siudmak). Creations are kept in the spirit of surrealism, not only in the visual, but also in capturing imagination titles. Moreover, among the introduced group of works are presented such, in a particular way comment the reality on which they come upon. It's vision is now more medial, centered around current events. Artists sometimes in a deliberate way they become deprived of any illusions witnesses of our days, commentators of the reality. Using the metaphor, symbolism, play of associations they tell about important issues. They refer to the universal category concerning human existence, and sometimes openly and simply mock at circulation dogma. (Jerzy Duda Gracz, Piotr Naliwajko, Jarosław Kukowski).

- Alicja Wasilewska

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